“My Body Through My Respiration”

”Have you ever experience resistance and tension in your body while running after the bus fe. ? Or by standing at the queue in the supermarket? Also feeling clumsy while putting your clothes on rushing out of the door?”

In this workshop, you will connect with your strength to support your daily activities, by learning about the difference between ”relaxing respiration” and Pilates conscious respiration through better posture!

If you don’t learn this distinction your body will be more rigid, your muscle will be in tension and pain, you will have less stamania,…

Once you learn this method you will be able to relax your muscles, just through breathing you will expand your cardiac capacity without having to do cardiovascular work. And it clarifies your mental and mood.

Join us Saturday 15th, from 10:00 to 12:00, in a lovely location in Frederiksberg:
Vodroffsvej 7, st. th.

We end the workshop with Talk – Tea – Fruits 15 min before the end.

Check more workshop to come and prices:

– October 27th “Dreaming my Back, back to me, with Better Abs”

– November 17th “Free your Body through your Hips”

– December 8th “Balance your Body & Mind, meeting with your Shoulders and Neck”

All Workshops will run from 10 am to 12 pm
Prices : 350,- dkk for 1 workshop
650,- dkk for 2 workshops
900,- dkk for 3 workshops
1 100,- dkk for alle 4 workshops

*Special discount of 20% for student-unemployed-senior+65

*Discount of 10 % if you book your spot for any workshop, latest September 12th!

Save your spot now by MobilPay with your name and the workshop’s date – or E-mail sylvie@bodymove.dk – or giving me a call 3024-0665 for more info.

Note all the dates in your agenda for not missing one great experience and reserve your spot Now!

With great spirit,


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